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Member LACRPC Jurisdictions:


















The member jurisdictions below do not have webpages; click on the desired jurisdiction for contact information.

   Auglaize Township

   Bath Township

   Jackson Township

   Marion Township   

   Monroe Township

   Richland Township

   Spencer Township

   Sugar Creek Township

   Village of Beaverdam

   Village of Cairo

130 West North Street
Lima, Ohio 45801-4311
Phone: (419) 228-1836
Fax: (419) 228-3891

Board of Directors

The governing body of the LACRPC is its Board of Directors, known as the Regional Planning Commission. The Board reviews and takes action on recommendations made by LACRPC staff and committees. Representation on the Board is achieved by the appointment of delegates. Such appointment is made by the participating jurisdictions (county, municipality, and township). The delegates are appointed for a two-year term, starting in April of the even-numbered years. Appointments to the Commission are orchestrated in a manner that will provide for a composition that represents industry, labor, agriculture, business, and professional sectors. The Regional Planning Commission is composed of representatives of the various participating political subdivisions.

The various political subdivisions assign delegates to the Regional Planning Commission in the following manner: 

  • six (6) delegates and six (6) alternates are appointed by the Allen County Board of Commissioners to serve the County at large; 
  • one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each 5,000 persons in cooperating municipalities are designated by the planning commission of the municipality, subject to the approval of the legislative authority of the municipality; and 
  • one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each 5,000 persons in a cooperating township are designated by the Board of Township Trustees of the participating township.


(April 2016-2018)
Political Subdivision Delegates Alternates
Allen County Jay Begg
Rhonda Eddy-Stienecker
Brad Swick
Brion Rhodes
Dan Reiff
Rachael Gilroy
Greg Butcher
Douglass Degen
Sam Bassitt
Steve Kayatin
Tom Lucente
Bruce Wells
City of Lima Chuck Schierloh
Howard Elstro
Todd Gordon
Ann Miles
Susan Crotty
Bruce Plumb
Thomas Tebben
Saul Allen
David Berger
Derry Glenn
Kirk Niemeyer
John Nixon
Richard Schroeder
Sam McLean
City of Delphos Shane Coleman Michael Gallmeier
Village of Beaverdam Mike Leis Roberta Beemer
Village of Bluffton Roger Warren Judy Augsburger
Village of Cairo Todd Wilkin Danny Bradford
Village of Elida Dave Metzger Larry Flick
Village of Harrod Tom Ekleberry Shannon Rumer
Village of Spencerville Sean Chapman PJ Johnson
Amanda Township Doug Post Brad Core
American Township Paul Basinger
Larry Vandemark
Lynn Mohler
Auglaize Township Steve Ewing Mike Stout
Bath Township Roy Hollenbacher Ron Miller
Jackson Township Ted Smith Thad Staley
Marion Township Jerry Gilden Howard Violet
Monroe Township Steven Beam Jon Basinger
Perry Township Kevin Cox Greg Kessen
Richland Township Walter Rysz Michael Zimmerly
Shawnee Township Christie Seddelmeyer Dave Belton
Spencer Township Rick Keller Ron Leffel
Sugar Creek Township Kent McCleary Rodney Watkins