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Current Situation- Cancer is the 1st leading cause of death in Allen County.  It can affect anyone but is more common in aging individuals, men and blacks or African Americans.  According to the 2017 Allen County Health Risk and Community Needs Assessment, the four most common cancer sites include lung/bronchus, breast, prostate, and colon/rectum.  Lung/bronchus cancer has the highest incidence rate in Allen County.

Key Data Points



Opportunities for Improvement 



*  This information was obtained from the Ohio Department of Health, 2015.  

What is being done in our Community?

The American Cancer Society ( offers many programs for those diagnosed with cancer including programs to:

  • assist patients and their family members in finding information about their recent diagnosis
  • assist patients in meeting their day-to-day needs and
  • provide emotional support.   

The Breast Cancer Coalition was established in 2011.  Goals of this group are to continue to raise awareness, provide education to the community and begin providing continuing education for area health professionals. 

The Colorectal Cancer Coalition was established in 2003.  This group has been successful in providing information to the medical community about the importance of early screening and the latest, most effective technology.  This group has also provided awareness and education to the community.