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Current Situation - In the United States, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death and is a major cause for heart disease and strokes.  While adults over the age of 65 have the highest rate of diabetes, all age groups are affected by this disease.  In Ohio, blacks or African Americans have a greater risk of diabetes than whites.  Diabetes is also more common in individuals with an income level less than $15,000 and those with less than a high school diploma.

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What is being done in our Community?

Healthy U, also known as Chronic Disease Self Management Program, is a workshop offered by the Area Agency on Aging 3 (AAA3).  The 6, 2.5-hour sessions are led by a pair of trained, volunteer leaders.  AAA 3 also offers a program similarly structured called Diabetes Self Management.  AAA 3 is also partnering with the Ohio Commission on Minority Health in its Minority Diabetes Initiative to reach those diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes 1 & 2.

Diabetes Clinics (St. Rita's Medical Center and Lima Memorial Health System) - Certified Diabetes Educator nurses and dietitians work with clinical pharmacists to provide education on their health conditions, how medications work and how to manage any problems.  Care is closely coordinated with the referring provider and any other providers involved in the patient's care.

Diabetes Prevention Program - In order to reduce the incidence of diabetes in Allen County, Activate Allen County, through the Small Community Transformation Grant (SCTG) is establishing a National Diabetes Program at the Lima Family YMCA.  This program (aimed towards pre-diabetics) focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle changes, such as improving food choices and increasing physical activity.