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The colored gauge gives a visual representation of how your community is doing in comparison to other communities. The three-colored dial represents the distribution of values from the reporting regions (e.g. counties in the state) ordered from those doing the best to those doing the worst (sometimes lower values are better and in other cases higher values are better). From that distribution, the green represents the top 50th percentile, the yellow represents the 25th to 50th percentile, and the red represents the "worst" quartile. 


This gauge shows how the Allen County value compares with the median or mean value for all counties in the state (or all US counties). The gauge is blue and white when being higher (or lower) is not necessarily good or bad and is multi-colored when being higher (or lower) is good or bad. 

 indicator_lg_trendupgreen.jpg This arrow shows whether the Allen County value is increasing or decreasing over time. A green arrow means the value is improving and a red arrow means the value is getting worse.
indicator_lg_trendsame.jpg The = (equal) sign means that there is not a significant increase or decrease since the last measurement.