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   Auglaize Township

   Bath Township

   Jackson Township

   Marion Township   

   Monroe Township

   Richland Township

   Spencer Township

   Sugar Creek Township

   Village of Beaverdam

   Village of Cairo

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Press Releases

To ensure the equitable distribution of benefits from federally financed programs and/or services, the transportation planning process must meet the federal standards established by Title VI and Executive Order 12898.  Taken together, Title VI and the Executive Order requires assurances of equitable distribution of such programs and services.  To do this, there must be guaranteed an open and informed discussion with affected communities regarding, the environmental, social, and economic impact of those programs or services.  Therefore, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) must encourage public participation from the earliest stages of program or service development, to achieve Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)/Federal Transit Authority (FTA) objectives, as well as to comply with Title VI and the Executive Order for Environmental Justice. 

To communicate, in the most efficient manner, the activities of the LACRPC to the people of Allen County, the Commission works closely with all local media outlets.  Press releases are sent to local media announcing not only public meetings, but the availabiity, for public comment, of transportation planning documents, traffic studies, crash summary reports, comprehensive land use plans, economic development studies, and much more.  Hover your mouse over the menu option for "Press Releases" on the left side of this page and use the drop down menu to access press releases sent within any given fiscal year (July 1 thru June 30).