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Unit:  miles traveled

per person

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Average Daily Vehicle

Miles per Person

Value: 30.92 miles daily per person
Measurement Period: 2016
Location: Allen County
Categories: Transportation / Personal Vehicle Travel
What is this Indicator?  This indicator shows the average weekday daily vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita as measured by total number of vehicle miles divided by the county's population.
Why this is important?  Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) indicates the demand on county roads and freeways. Areas with higher numbers of vehicle miles traveled tend to have higher rates of motor vehicle and pedestrian crashes resulting in property damage, injuries, and fatalities. Vehicle miles traveled lead to increased air pollution and greenhouse gas emission which contribute to cardiovascular mortality rates and respiratory disease. On average, Americans spend 443 hours in a car each year; increased numbers of vehicle miles traveled have been tied to obesity and a decline in general well-being.
Technical Note:  Average daily vehicle miles traveled per person is calculated based on ADVMT for Allen County and divided by the population estimates for 2016.
Source: Ohio Department of Transportation; American Factfinder

URL of Source:  http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Planning/TechServ/TIM/Documents/DVMT/kDVMT%202016.pdf 

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