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 Unit: Crashes over 5 year study period  2012/2016

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Bicycle Crashes - Allen County

Value: 97 crashes
Measurement Period: 2012-2016
Location: Allen County
Comparison: Ohio counties with 50,000 to 135,000 population
Categories: Transportation / Personal Vehicle Travel Transportation / Public Safety
What is this Indicator?  This indicator shows the total number of bicycle crashes that occurred in Allen County during the study period 2012 - 2016.  Allen County experienced 97 bicycle crashes, during the study period.  When compared to counties of similar size - 50,000 to 135,000 population - Allen County ranked #1; Hancock County ranked #2 with 89 crashes; and Wood County ranked #3 with 87 crashes.  When a standard crash rate, i.e. "crashes per 100,000 population", is applied, the crash rate for Allen County (#3) was 91.2 per 100,000 population - compared to Hancock County (#1) with 119.0, and Marion County (#2) with a crash rate of 94.7.  

Why this is important?   Numbers of bicycle crashes are indicators of the safety of county and township roads, city streets, as well as state highways.   Examining crash contributing factors allows planners, engineers, law enforcement, as well as emergency responders to identify problems and work to reduce the incidence of these events.

Technical Note:     This is the number of crashes occurring in Allen County during the study period 2012 - 2016 compared to the number of crashes occurring in Ohio counties of similar size - 50,000 to 135,000 in population. 
Source:   Bicycle Crashes 2012-2016 - Ohio counties with population between 50,000 - 135,000 
URL of Source:   Bicycle Crashes 2012-2016 - Ohio Counties
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