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Unit: crashes per year per million-vehicle-miles (MVM) traveled


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Crash Rate

Value: 2.77 crashes per MVMT
Measurement Period: 2016
Location: Allen County
Categories: Transportation / Personal Vehicle Travel Transportation / Public Safety

What is this Indicator? The crash rate performance measure depicts the number of crashes as a function of vehicle miles traveled, i.e. the total number of crashes that occurred on Allen County roadways during a period of time, such as calendar year, divided by the total million-vehicle-miles traveled (MVMT) in Allen County during the same period of time.

Why this is important? Tracking the Crash Rate enables planners to compare traffic safety in Allen County to traffic safety in other counties, states, or at the Federal level as well as comparing crash experience on the different roadways within Allen County, since it relates the number of crashes to exposure levels, miles driven. Examining the crash rates allows planners, engineers, law enforcement, as well as emergency responders to identify and improve problem areas.

Technical Note: A rate is a certain quantity one measures as a function of another such as time or length. An example: if two roadways have the same number of crashes, but different traffic volumes, the resulting rate calculation will indicate which roadway is more, or less, safe than the other. This data can be used to identify roadways, or segments within a roadway, that experience a higher number of crashes than expected based on the traffic volume and warrant additional study and improvements. High volume roadways will most likely experience more crashes than a low volume roadway; however, the crash rate would be 33 % lower, for example, if the number of crashes on the high volume road was double and the traffic volume was triple compared to that of the low volume road.
Source: LACRPC Crash Analysis 2012-2016.
URL of Source:  Reports_CrashRate_2007-2016.pdf

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