Board of Directors & Committees

COVID-19 Meeting Protocols

In order to allow individuals to exercise personal caution in regards to COVID-19, a link to virtual meetings will be issued one week in advance of the scheduled meeting. The public can gain access to the meeting link through local media sources. Anyone wanting to exercise Privilege-of-the-Floor, for a committee meeting, must contact the LACRPC at 419-228-1836. All meeting agendas/minutes are published on the LACRPC website; click on the “Committees” tab on the left for more meeting information. 

The governing body of the LACRPC is its Board of Directors, known as the Regional Planning Commission.  The Board reviews and takes action on recommendations made by LACRPC staff and committees.  Representation on the Board is achieved by the appointment of delegates.  Such appointment is made by the participating jurisdictions (county, municipality and townships).  The delegates are appointed for a two -year term, starting in April of the even-numbered years. 

The various political subdivisions assign delegates to Regional Planning Commission in the following manner:

  • six (6) delegates and six (6) alternates are appointed by the Allen County Board of Commission to serve the County at large;
  • one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each 5,000 persons in cooperating municipalities are designated by the planning commission of the municipality subject to the approval of the legislative authority of the municipality: and
  • one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each 5,000 persons in a cooperating townships are designated by the Board of Township Trustees of the participating townships.

Regional Planning Commission Members


The Lima-Allen County Regional Planning Commission is a voluntary association of delegates representing local political subdivisions.  The Commission serves as a forum for discussion about issues which may affect several communities as well as regional issues which cross over political boundaries into adjacent communities. 

A plethora of committees meet regularly to discuss relevant issues to the community.  The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to community decision makers who have come to rely on data, analyses, and planning recommendations provided by the Commission.  The committee structure reflects the scope of the Planning Commission’s responsibilities and commitment to the local community as well as the region.

The transportation responsibilities of the Commission are predicated on a federally predetermined committee structure which includes the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC), the policy committee, and a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), a technical advisory committee.  Together these two committees review and provide technical assistance and make recommendations on transportation and transit related projects and programs planned for the region.