The current FY 2018-2021 TIP is a comprehensive listing and description of capital improvement projects scheduled for implementation within FY 2018-2021.  The projects are intended to maintain and provide for a safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally sound system for the transportation of both people and goods. 

FY 2019 Projects

Grubb Road ACEO Replace existing 23 foot bridge on Grubb Road (CR77) over a tributary of Honey Run with a new structure. 104252
City of Delphos Delphos Replace 3 bridges over Flat Fork Creek in the City of Delphos on 1st, 3rd, and 7th. 103412
IR 75 ODOT Mill 1.75″ and overlay with 3.25″.  Project will replace pavement under the SR 696 beginning north of the SR 81 junction and ending at the Little Riley Creek bridge north of Beaverdam.  Project will include joint repair. 94206
Wayne – High streets Lima Modify Wayne Street to a two-way operation between Cole Street and Central Avenue.  Includes resurfacing curb and gutter, replacing sidewalk as needed, new sign.  (Phase 3 of the ALL-Traffic Study, PID 82576) 90949
SR 103 ODOT Village of Bluffton – Replace bridge on SR 103 over Riley Creek. 93756
SR 66ODOTReplace 8 culverts on SR 66 between the Auglaize County line and the Village of Spencerville at SLM .25, .35, .50, .55, .65, .75, .93, and .93. 102197
SR 65/117/309 ODOTResurface with asphalt concrete.  Also, on SR 117, replace curb from east of Greely Chapel Road to Bowman Road.  Replace all inlets, catch basins, pipes between inlets, and 12″ crossover pipes. 105524

FY 2020 Projects

SR 117 ODOT Overlay bridge deck and approach slabs, patch and seal concrete surface on SR 117 over CSX Railroad. 98522
SR 65ODOTReplace the deck of SR 65 bridge over the Ottawa River as there are concrete box beams that are spalled and have steel strands rusted through.88306
SR 81ODOTSR 81 bridge replacement over the Ottawa River.101189
ALL Lima
Wayne/High streets
LimaConvert Wayne Street to a two-way operation between Cole Street and Central Avenue. Includes resurfacing, curb, & gutter – replacing sidewalk. (AKA – Phase 3 of the ALL-Traffic Study, PID 82576)90949

FY 2021 Projects

SR 66 & 190
DelphosResurface with asphalt concrete. Also includes upgrade curb ramps, adjust catch basins/manholes/water valves and install bike friendly storm grates.108373