The agency acts as a regional repository of traffic maps, topographic, planimetric, hydrologic, and soil maps.  As the designated local Census Affiliate, the  Commission’s wealth of census data is a major asset to the region and member political subdivisions.  The Planning Commission maintains and maps localized census data sets, spanning the 1980 through 2020 decennial census periods.

Allen County Map Atlas

Below is the link to Map Atlas which is a list of maps and accompanying tables that represent selected demographic data for Allen County, Ohio. 

Map Atlas

LACRPC Vehicular Traffic Maps

Allen County Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

2023 Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

2022 Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

2021 Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

2020 Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

2019 Bike & Pedestrian Count Map

Make your own map with ODOT TIMS

The Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) from the Ohio Department of Transportation is a comprehensive tool often used by professionals in transportation. TIMS is accessible to the public and is a one-stop shop for hundreds of ODOT data sets. There is a ribbon on the left that allows users to select attributes, then flip to the other tab to depict a legend. Just zoom in on the area of interest after making the selections and the data will begin populating.